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Free Standing Furniture: Trip-free Tables for Porsche

Free Standing Furniture using underfloor support

Free standing furniture is possible using Cableflor, due to our ability to attach from underneath the floor with our unique footplates.  To minimise structural support we designed these clever underfloor bases. As a result, this will free up usable space and eliminate trip hazards.

Showcase Interiors asked us to provide flooring for hospitality areas within several Porsche showrooms.  Their client had specified free standing furniture from Germany and we were able to supply a bespoke base to support them. On this occasion, we made up an 800mm square plate with an M15 thread welded to the centre.

Trip Free Table

By fixing through a central column, directly into our underfloor plate, you can create free standing furniture.  As a consequence, this ergonomic table increases the visible space of the area.

The cable management aspect of our flooring meant that the cable could continue up the table leg. Resulting in a very useful pull up socket to the centre of the table.

So we used our black standard recycled floor to keep the display eco-friendly. Then thick carpet was overlaid and tucked under our metallic pvc ramped edging.

No damage to your showroom floor

Create ergonomic tables with our unique floor system and prevent any damage to your existing floor. Cableflor simply sits on the existing floor with no need for fixings of any kind.  As a result, this also allows it to be completely portable, so they can move the whole display when required.

The bases are only compatible with Cableflor and are designed to work to your brief to create free standing furniture. For example, click on this link https://www.cableflor.co.uk/product-category/structural-foot-plates/. We can work with you to create a seamless, ergonomic design that feels good to be in and around. If you would like design ideas contact us via http://www.blue-square.london

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