temporary tv studio

Temporary Studio Floor for Winter Olympics

Winter Olympic TV Studio

Scott Fleary Productions approached us to supply a temporary studio floor for an installation in South Korea. They required a short-term modular floor for an outdoor broadcasting unit at the Winter Olympics.

Cable management was essential for their cameras and equipment. The floor is low, light and easy to assemble;  ideal for a temporary studio floor.  Additionally, the area was large, but the transport space minimal. Each cubic metre of Cableflor covers a whopping 50 square metres. Crucially, the total weight of a 50 square metre coverage is only 225kgs. As a result, it was the perfect solution for the project.

The client required a good-looking, super smooth surface for the television camera.  We achieved this by bonding white Alucobond panels to the floor. This is a 5mm thick white composite aluminium panel, cut into large tiles. Most importantly, the temperature in the studio fluctuated from minus 20 degrees when not in use to 25 degrees during show time. The floor coped really well with the temperature fluctuation. A row of tiles were removed around the perimeter, to aid with any expansion in the overall floor.

Temporary Studio Walls

Use Cableflor to create temporary studios. For example, photographic studios, outdoor broadcast Units or TV studios. The flooring clips together quickly to cover your cables. Moreover, there are no tools required to fit it. In addition, we have modular walling. A simple frame with tensioned fabric is the basis for the walls. The fabric comes as plain white, digitally printed graphic or chroma-green for Augments Reality software.

Our walls are freestanding with no returns or visible bases due to our unique underfloor plates. These hide under the floor, but support through it.

For more information follow this link: https://www.cableflor.co.uk/product-category/structural-foot-plates/

temporary tv studio

Here are the highlights from the Games : https://youtu.be/iw6_JonPvhE

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