We are very proud to announce our new range of patterned flooring Рthis tackles the problem of keeping your flooring looking good whilst the event is on. Part inspired by the humble pub carpet and part inspired by the De Stijl art movement of the early 20th Century (!)  Cable management comes as standard.

The first three in the range are base on greys, but we can also make up your own unique patterns e.g., blues, reds or even metallics. Darker colours definitely work better in terms of disguising dirty feet.

Grey Blend No.1 50% Pantone 7545 / 50% Pantone 7546
Grey Blend No. 2 30% Pantone 7545 / 40% Pantone 7546 / 30% Recycled Black
Grey Blend No. 3 33% Pantone 7544 / 33% Pantone 7545 / 33% Pantone 7546