rapid installation

Rapid Installation – 180sqm of Cableflor, laid in 3 hours

Rapid Installation

At the NEC Birmingham for the Commercial Vehicle Show, this client only had a short time to get 180sqm of raised flooring installed. This included multiple sockets which had to be positioned. They had six street-sweeping lorries arriving that day, which needed to go on the stand. Everything had to be ready by lunchtime otherwise they would miss their slot. The hall would start filling up and the gangways would be blocked. When you’re in the centre of the hall, you have to be organised.

Rapid installation is easier when working as a team, in this case three people. Two people laid out the metre squares of flooring, pushing them together, but not connecting them. Most importantly, they ensured each square was facing the same direction. The third person was able to use this as a metric grid. As a result they were able to pinpoint the exact location of each socket from the drawing. Once these individual tiles were removed, the cable is run underneath the flooring.

Running Electrics

If you have paid for sockets from the organiser, it’s best to get a roll of cable from the electricians. Leave them a long tail to work with at each socket location. Then run the cable under each metre square section, up to the mains box. If you pull the cable tight either side of the metre square, it will drop straight into the channel.

Once the cables were in and the floor laid out, all three people connected the sections. Rapid installation was made easier with the use of heavy duty flightcases, which wheeled around the stacks of flooring whilst laying it out. All in all it took three hours and the trucks were driven onto the floor, on time.

If laying carpet over the top, please watch this tutorial to avoid any mistakes:

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