Why carpet isn’t the best solution for exhibition booths

Cableflor vs carpet? No competition…

In any exhibition booth, the floor is usually the biggest visible area – yet it’s so often overlooked. In many cases, exhibitors cover their booth’s floor with a nondescript carpet that’s usually thrown away once the show is over. Some may hire or buy a platform floor to run cables that power screens, computers and other appliances under. But many others simply tape their cables down.

Unlike carpet, Cableflor offers the perfect solutions to managing your exhibition booth cables – and at the same time helps boost your brand by making you stand out from your competition. Here’s how:

  • Designed to have cables running discreetly underneath (which means no more untidy patches of duct tape)
  • Can be used time and time again in different configurations (our innovative design makes Cableflor future proof)
  •  Cost effective  (Cableflor pays for itself after just two shows – but will last much, much longer)
  •  Comes in any colour (we can match Cableflor to your corporate colour or a colour that compliments your wall graphics)

Find out how Cableflor could transform your exhibition booth – and save you money in the long term. Contact us

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