ocean plastic walling

re-usable wall coverings with built-in cable management

On a Net Zero Pledge and need to save waste?
Or simply tired of fishing round the back trying to find the cable?
It's a lot easier from the front.
Simple is always best.
Run your cables in the groove. Push tiles on.
Repeat as required.
Negative carbon carrier panel with ocean plastic overlays.
End of life tiles are recycled into new stock, in a closed loop.
Made in the UK using less power than a household kettle.
sustainable office decor
No cutting, no fixings, glues or screws - clean and simple to use.
Tear off rows or pop out segments to fit to size or reconfigure.
Lightweight sqm sheets for rapid installation and easy handling.
sustainable exhibition stands
Suitable for interiors, events and retail
Waterproof and ideal for biophilic design
Flexible live hinge to create curves
sustainable retail display
custom colour tiles
custom made to your own colour and surface pattern
ocean waste products
10% of our gross profit goes back into the conservation
of waterways in the UK and Indonesia
modular tile system
dress our tile system with the following recommended suppliers
sustainable furniture
sustainable flooring
sustainable graphics


international design award
International Design Awards
sustainable events
best event flooring

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