Why use Cableflor?

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Easy to assemble

Used by the following brands

Marriot Hotels
Goodyear Tyres
Top Shop

Don't just take our word for it

Easy to assemble

Assembling Cableflor is easy, three steps and you got it!

Cableflor is a single component system, so there are no bits to lose - simply remove a tile wherever you need your cable. It's easy to reposition or add cables after the floor has been laid.

It is supplied in 1m square sheets for rapid installation, but it can be trimmed to the nearest 10cm by simply tearing off a strip. This can be clipped back on when the floor is removed.

No tools, no training and no damage to the floor underneath. Easy cable management that you can do yourself.

Cover it or use it naked - it's your choice







Exclusive Cableflor walls

We have designed our own range of freestanding walls that integrate into our flooring

Aside from hiding your cables, Cableflor also hides support foot-plates that can be much bigger than if they are on top of the floor. This means we can offer you stable slim-line walls that don't require returns or extra depth which saves space in your area.

Our illuminated walls are only 120mm thick and come with an attachment slot so you can fix iPads, brochure holders and shelves at any height.

If you like to use a big screen, we have a stylish attachment which also hides your cables. Position it anywhere on the wall, add shelving if required, but be assured that it will be solid even if using a touchscreen. It's a very cost-effective and flexible way to adapt one of our freestanding walls.

Biophilia is a proven, natural way to improve well-being in the workplace and we now offer Living Plant Walls. These free-standing walls are only 270mm deep and are self contained units that just plug in - includes an integrated LED grow-light. The irrigation system is built in and we offer a full installation and maintenance service.

Perfect for creating partitions, backdrops and check-in points - in office, retail and events.

There are too many benefits to list here, so please contact us for more details - sales@cableflor.co.uk


Illuminated wall


Living Plant Wall


Monitor Wall



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