Recycled Black Exhibition & Retail Floor

Exhibition flooring, recycled black with LED

Carpet and flooring are one of the biggest areas of waste on a display or exhibition – you’ll already be helping by buying a re-usable floor, but why not go the extra mile and make it from recycled material.

Our recycled black floor is made from recycled durable materials and can be used as a finished floor surface or a sub floor surface.

Cableflor is supplied in 1m squares and pre-assembled from 10cm square modules, so  you can mix and match the the tiles with frosted tiles, with under-lighting to produce a very dramatic and eye catching floor display floor that highlights sections of your stand.

Originally launched as Eco-floor, this was our first product in the market.

What our clients say:

“The floor is working really well; it makes a difference being able to define a client’s demise in this way. Thanks for the product, service and the support. If anyone else comes up expressing an interest, I’ll be more than happy to point them your way.”

Andy Joyce – Westfield Shoppingtowns