LCD Screen monolith for exhibition stand

free-standing soft feel fabric wall, illuminated both sides: 1m wide x 2.4m high with 42” screen

Modular walling

We can supply modular walling that can be fixed to a shell scheme for a continuous fabric image – this can be re-used in different formats and backlit if required. This type of walling packs down into long thin boxes for easy transport and storage.

One of our unique selling points is that our floor system enables us to create free-standing walls which hide the supporting bases under the floor – this frees up valuable space and eliminates trip hazards.

This makes it easy to position an illuminated monolith on the front corners of your display – for maximum branding opportunity and also closer access for presentation screens from the aisle.

Our system can also provide a secure fixing for iPads, shelves and showcases

For island sites and other space only environments, including retail displays and pop up shops, we can design, fabricate and supply the complete display.

How does it work?

The illuminated fabric walls are very quick and easy to assemble – simply make up a picture frame using our high quality aluminium beams, which come with special LED light modules that disperse the light evenly across the fabric graphic.

These modules link together with male/female connectors and lock directly into the system slot, making it very quick and easy to reposition/add/remove/replace modules (which come with a 3-year warranty).

The frames can then be bolted to our underfloor base.

Modular floor frame
Modular floor frame
Fixing plates for exhibition floor

Graphics and Printing

The graphics are digitally printed fabrics with a silicon trim on all four sides, which is inserted into the frame. This allows us to cover whole walls in a single section so there are no joins – the tension in the fabric pulls any creases out from folding the graphic during transport. This is a huge advantage over traditional solid panels such as foamex or mdf, as they can be folded down into a small bag for light, easy transport or storage – in addition you will never have to worry about the graphics lining up.

We supply two types of fabric printing:

Dye-sub: this is when the ink is applied as a gas which then condenses inside the fibres of the fabric. Suitable for exhibitions and displays when the graphic is going in and out of the frame multiple times as the creases are quicker to fall out – you can put them in the washing machine (very low temperature with a drop of Fairy Liquid) if they are starting to look grubby and you can even iron them if you have a very old and stubborn crease.

UV Screen: for this method the ink is sprayed onto the surface of the material – although you can’t pop them in the washing machine, the print quality is slightly better. The creases are less forgiving, so these prints are better suited to longer term installations where the print will only be used a few times.

Transport and Storage

The whole illuminated walls break down into surprisingly small boxes, which make it easy to transport and store – they can comfortably fit in a cupboard when stood on their ends. The boxes below can hold a 2m x 2.4m wall.

Boxed self build exhibition walls
Boxed self build exhibition walls