Hire a shell scheme exhibition stand

We can offer a hire option specifically for shell scheme exhibition stands, which is a self-build package comprising of floor, graphics, seating, AV and storage.

Attending an exhibition is all about making contact with your customer, it’s a face to face experience that builds and reinforces relationships. If you have a limited budget or are just starting out, you can still stand out from your competition and make it a huge success – here are some top tips

  • Break the box! Try to look different by disrupting the square format of shell-scheme land
  • Hospitality is important. It’s hard to do business standing up, so make your prospects comfortable and engage them.
  • People are attracted to lights and moving images. Its best to position screens and backlit graphics on the front corner or by the aisle.
  • Don’t forget to invite all your existing customers, it’s a time-efficient way of seeing them all and it’s an easier sell
  • No prizes for being shy! You’re there to meet people, so put your most confident person out front and be enthusiastic.

Here are a few examples of our hire option design in various sizes – let us know your stand space, choose which elements you would like to use and we will send you a quote.  They are made of the same display system as 80% of all shell scheme units, so you can easily connect to the structure that is already there and take less to site. It’s cheaper and quicker:

We can fit to most sizes of shell-scheme & can offer a menu style choice of standard units. Please contact us for a friendly chat and we can price up your requirements.

Once your stand design is finalized and approved, you will come to us for a complete pre-build in an actual shell scheme unit and we will show you how to put it together and break it down. You then take it away with you and bring it back after the show. A day’s training is cheaper than paying for contractor’s labour and transport, but more importantly you will have peace of mind that your graphics are all correct, your screens can play your media and that you have enough lighting.