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Uses and benefits

Our Cableflor system is ideal for the following:

  • Exhibitions and displays
  • Retail concessions and Pop-up Shops
  • Events, Roadshow and Festivals
  • Rented offices and listed buildings
  • Home cinema installations
  • Classic Car storage mats with underfloor heating

There are many benefits to our low level flooring, which is only 2cm high:

  • Lower transport costs due to reduced volume (1 cubic metre covers 50sqm)
  • Quicker installation means reduced labour costs (30sqm per person per hour)
  • Cheaper drayage costs in the US and less payload in your truck (only 4.5kgs per sqm)
  • Quick and easy reconfiguration (single component system, 10cm modules)
  • No real loss of room height when used in offices and schools
  • Non-intrusive cable management for Listed Buildings and solid concrete floors
  • Underfloor heating cable will remove condensation from your Classic Car over winter
Prebuild and training

We specialize in self-build solutions, so it is vital that we offer training days to pre-build your display and help you become familiar with the components, plus offer top tips for site installations from our 25 years of site work. If you can build an Ikea unit then you will be capable of building our products.

Take the stress out of your first installation and make sure everything is absolutely perfect beforehand. You will be able to request spares or make minor adjustments, plus check all your graphics are correct, lights all work and power is positioned where you need it.

Agilis self-build-display-stand
After Sales Service

Once you have purchased your initial kit, whether it is just flooring or a display package, we offer telephone support and a great after sales service. When you prepare for your next event and it’s in a different format, we keep a list of your components on file so we can redraw you plans for your submissions and give you a revised build drawing.


Costs for the flooring vary depending on quantity, colour and fire rating, but prices start from £40 per square metre.

Walling costs also depend on size, lighting and environment, but as a guide our entry level fabric walling for lining a shell scheme is £250 per linear metre (frame / fabric / fixings / transport box) and our top of the range free-standing, double-sided illuminated fabric walls are £850 per linear metre (frame, fabrics, lighting, fixings, transport box)

Components are re-usable and can be reconfigured into new structures, so you can get maximum usage from your investment and grow your kit as you grow your business.

Awards and testimonials

Cableflor is very proud to have won two awards at the International Design Awards in Los Angeles, as well as being shortlisted in both the Exhibition News Awards as best new product and the London International Creative Competition.

Here are some testimonials from our clients:

The floor is working really well; it makes a difference being able to define a client’s demise in this way. Thanks for the product, service and the support. If anyone else comes up expressing an interest, I’ll be more than happy to point them your way.
Andy Joyce – Westfield Shoppingtowns

We use Cableflor on almost every project and have found it to be a rapid, flexible and reliable solution to our client’s exhibition flooring needs. The illuminated edging is fantastic and along with the range of colours available it allows us to customise the floor to suit any client’s needs
Steve Clements – Core Display

Looks amazing, will send you some pics. We are really happy with what you sent and the speed in which you got it here.
Louise Rocco – Hot-house Blinds

The flooring works great, my colleagues are really happy with the light weight, they used to carry 18mm mdf sheets around. We use this deck in the US as well and it really helps keeping the weight (and drayage bill) down.
Rene Groot – Indalo

We think Cableflor is the best exhibition flooring solution, we’ve ever seen. I have no idea why everyone isn’t using it. It’s perfectly designed and once down, unclips like a zip to neatly hide any unsightly, marginally safety compliant, power cables. Best of all we don’t have to pay the exhibition organisers, sometimes outrageous costs to lay and sometimes remove stand carpet. It does what it says, looks great, is easy to change dimensionally and its self-financing. I have nothing negative to say about it?
Mike Spindle – Trekinetic


We care about the environment and have a lot of experience in using eco-friendly products wherever possible in our design and build. Aside from our flooring, we’ve used everything from recycled carpets to printed recycled card displays – not to mentions loads and loads of LED lights.

Our re-usable flooring was created to combat some of the huge amount of waste involved with exhibitions. Our standard black flooring is made from recycled Polypropylene plastic, which comes from packaging, food containers, bottle tops, crisp bags, kettles etc.

We also offer a buy back scheme on your flooring – once it’s looking past it’s best or you just want a different colour, send it back to us and we’ll give you £5 per sqm off your next purchase. We will grind it down to make new black flooring.

Our modular system is made from extruded aluminium and the production of aluminium is one the most environmentally friendly processes across the metals and mining industry. Aluminium can be endlessly recycled while keeping its distinctive properties.

Fire rating

Cableflor is manufactured with a standard Class 1 Fire Rating compliancy, which is accepted at the vast majority of UK and European venues. We can also make it to Class O compliancy if required, as well as sourcing certified material that can be requested by various insurers around the world e.g. UL94 certified material for the US etc..

Health and safety

We are fully insured to come to site for you and we will provide a Risk Assessment and Method Statement with our Certificate.

If you need a hand ordering electrics and other services for your stand, we would be delighted to help. There is no charge for these services.