Environmentally-friendly exhibition and display flooring system

Recyclable exhibition and display flooring

Cableflor originally started life as Eco-Floor, an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional display flooring, which are only used for very short periods and then thrown away.

Our black studded and smooth Cableflor is manufactured using reprocessed material and all of our flooring is designed for re-use. When you order the re-processed Cableflor, we can issue a certificate which will specify where that particular batch of material came from.

In addition to this we offer a 10% discount incentive on future orders, if you return floor that has come to the end of its life, in order to recycle and make new floor. It doesn’t save us any money on material as we pay for it to be cleaned and re-ground, but it does encourage people to do their bit for our planet’


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