In January 2017 we were approached by the agency that produced our excellent animation that you can see on our website. They are called Taylor McKenzie and they had created a global campaign for Compassion in World Farming called Stop the Machine – it had a very strong identity and a powerful message.

They wanted us to manifest their design ideas into a display that could be erected quickly and easily, for a European roadshow that would start at the Natural History Museum in the beginning of June and go onto such esteemed venues as the European Parliament.

Compassion in World Farming called Stop the Machine

Original Visual

After a few discussions regarding materials, modular systems and creating an impact, we settled on double-sided illuminated walls to create three sides of the box together with a printed Cableflor flooring – required for cable management to the three iPads.

In order to create some theatre, we converted the fourth illuminated side into two hinged doors that ran on integrated castors, which would act as the reveal. These were also removable, so that the unit could be used without doors at smaller venues, and the Jaguar panel as a stand-alone photo opportunity.

Revised Visual

The client supplied an amazing paper sculpture of a Jaguar, which we were asked to mount to the inside on the of the doors. It was a definite show piece – very light and also very fragile!

Once we had produced everything, it was time for a pre-build and some training with the client. The first installation at the Natural History Museum only had two hours to get the kit inside and assemble it – the event was going to be heavily covered by the press and there were a number of VIP’s and celebrities due to make speeches. There was absolutely no room for error and we were going to have to be extremely efficient.

We did a full pre-build in the factory and took stage by stage photos to create a full assembly guide for the client. Each of the walls were packaged separately and labelled for quick assembly.

When it came to the actual event, we put together an experienced crew of 8 and we got it built in just over an hour, which gave us time to polish and the client time to rehearse. The campaign was very well received and had coverage in the Guardian

On the subsequent installations, the client installed the display themselves. Taylor McKenzie has an excellent film of the campaign on their website, which also features the display being built, which you can see on the following link –