Cableflor Assembly



  • Lay out all of the floor making sure it’s all pointing the same way, but don’t join it together yet. There are fins on two sides and slots on two sides, keep these constant
  • You now have a metric grid, which makes it easy to pin-point where your power is coming up. Remove the relevant tiles.
  • Run all of your cables, before joining the floor together. It’s a lot quicker this way. For bigger areas, it’s easier to have one person running round doing the cables, whilst one or two others are starting to clip it together.
  • Pull the cable tight on either end of the metre sheet to ensure it’s in the channel, as you go along
  • Finish clipping it together. Leave the edging till last, especially if you are rolling something heavy onto the floor (such as a car etc.)


Loose Lay Assembly

  • Start in one corner working to the left or right. No glue required, just butt together.
  • At the end of the run, score the tile with a scalpel or Stanley blade, bend and trim off. You don’t need to cut all the way through.
  • Use the off cut to start the next row and carry on. Edging goes on last and fits over the Cableflor and the overlay.