Annual Summer Stock Clearance


It’s that time of year where we clear the decks and sell what is left over from the spring season – we have the following finishes and quantities on offer at half price:

– 26sqm of black studded Cableflor (recycled)                       £27.50 per sqm

– 46sqm of frosted smooth Cableflor (in ABS material)        £50 per sqm

– 36sqm of white smooth Cableflor                                          £30 per sqm

– 30sqm of assorted colours in smooth Cableflor                  £30 per sqm

(3 x red, 12 x yellow, 10 x pink, 3 x lime green, 2 x brown)


We also have 70 sqm of red available from a GTA roadshow – it was never walked on, only used on the perimeter to hide the cables – comes with wheeled cates, special price of £25 per sqm. If you are interested let us know and we can send you photos. Excludes delivery costs.

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