Lighting, power and data are essential parts of every display,
big or small.

Our unique flooring system and integrated display products, take the cable directly to your lights or device and keep it out of sight.

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Easy as 1-2-3

Easy to position exhibition floor


Cable-management exhibition floor


Easy to join exhibition floor


Choose the best style of floor power for you or run it inside one of our displays

Extension plug in black recycled exhibition flooring

extension lead

Underfloor power cables in exhibition floor

power tile

Power sockets run under exhibition floor

socket box

Our unique 10cm module also allows you to trim to the nearest 100mm without cutting – simply tear off a strip.

It also provides us with some special features:

Retail and exhibition cable management flooring solution


Fixing plates for exhibition floor

fixing points

Circular retail and exhibition flooring

iPad and monitor posts

Flooring range

Our standard colours are:

Black – made from recycled material

Cool Grey – pantone 7546C (27% black / 23% Reflex Blue / 50% White)

Blended Grey  random pattern of black, cool grey and dark grey (designed to camouflage footprints!)

Quantbet with black floor tiles
Cool grey floor tiles on exhibition stand
Grey exhibition and showroom floor tiles in a grey pattern

We hold these in stock and can generally ship them quickly depending on quantity.

Custom Colours and Patterns: MOQ is 40sqm

The flooring is injection moulded locally, so we can also make it to your specified colour – because it’s not just a printed surface, it’s the same colour all the way through which helps hide any scratches. If you want to match a corporate colour, just send us a Pantone reference and we’ll send you a sample tab prior to production.

We can also make up custom patterns in different colours, to create different zones or walkways or simply to fulfil a design requirement:

Cableflor flooring showroom
Customed patterned flooring for exhibitions
Customed patterned flooring for exhibitions

How Long Does it Last?

Our flooring is generally good for at least 10 exhibitions, depending on footfall and how you look after it. It’s very easy to swap out damaged tiles if required – just order an extra metre for spares.

Once you feel it’s past it’s best you can send it back to us for recycling in exchange for a discount on your next purchase. Alternatively, you can cover it with our floor vinyl and use it for even longer.

Fire Rating

Our standard floor comes with a manufacturer’s certificate of conformity to V1 standard (self-extinguishing within 60 secs).  However, if your venue or insurer require a higher degree of fire rating accreditation, we can mould using UL94 Certified Material up to a V0 standard upon request.

Other Finishes

Our standard finish is a smooth texture, but we can also supply all of the above in a studded finish. The studs keep feet off the high gloss finish of the base. This tile also has a chamfered edge so you can roll it up if required:

Black studded retail floor
Car showroom flooring
Exhibition Floor rolled up

We can also make up inserts for our moulds which enable us to emboss your logo or motif onto some or all of the tiles or even have your own texture, for a truly unique personalized floor!

Printed and illuminated

We can make the flooring in a frosted material for underfloor LED lighting or print direct to it on a flat-bed inkjet printer. The inks are then cured with UV and sprayed with a liquid laminate for protection against footfall.

Printed Floor for exhibitions
Floor for car showrooms
Illuminated exhibition floor

Cut to Shape

Cableflor can be easily cut to shape using a hand held circular saw, so we can supply circular floors over 3m diameter. We have a special flexible rubber edging to go around the perimeter

Circular retail and exhibition flooring

Wood or stone finish

If you prefer a wood or stone look finish we can supply a 4mm thick luxury floor vinyl which sits directly on top of our Cableflor. It has a special coating on the back which grips our flooring, so you don’t need to use any glue or tape – this makes it ideal for re-use and saves a lot of installation time.

Wooden finish exhibition and showroom flooring
Stone finish exhibition and showroom flooring
Wooden exhibition floor - reverse

We can supply a wide variety of finishes from bleached oak to polished concrete – this overlay also fits under our ramp strips to prevent tripping and maintain a neat edge.

Ramped Edging Strip

Our ultra-low floor also benefits from having its own clip on edging strip:

Plastic edging is supplied in one metre strips, for corners we simply mitre the ends. Available in black or silver (usually best to choose a contrasting colour for Health and Safety reasons), there is also a cavity for LED rope lights if required:

ramped recycled exhibition and showroom floor edging
Silver exhibition floor edging
Light wall

Rubber edging comes in 5m rolls and the corners are moulded sections – this is better for long-term installations or very heavy footfall. There is a cavity for Neon Flex lighting which gives you a continuous light (no dots) which remains straight (apart from around our beautiful radiused corners)

Grey illuminated Exhibition Floor Edging
Black rubber exhibition stand floor edging
White illuminated exhibition stand floor edging