How does the floor work?

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Floor purchase information

If you attend regular exhibitions or have frequent display requirements, then your Cableflor will usually pay for itself after two shows, compared to outsourcing a platform floor and covering it with carpet.

Cable-management floor

It is light and easy enough for you to lay yourself if required. It is a modular system specifically designed to accommodate cables and to be adapted for different events.

We can make it to your own specific colour (MOQ 40sqm), print to it, add lighting, mix and match colours to create zones or walkways, highlight star products with simple underfloor LED’s – all of our different floors fit together.

If you’d prefer something simple like plain black or grey, these are stock colours that can be shipped next day – you can always add to it another time.

Timbre flooring for exhibitions
Blended Grey Exhibition Floor

We will position your power/data for you, submit RAMS documents and other Health and Safety documents on your behalf and collect it all at the end of the show. Available in the two finishes below: blended grey is £15/sqm per week, wood finish is £20/sqm per week.

Costs exclude installation but include project management and edging.

Floor edging

One of the reasons our flooring is so low, is because of health and safety legislation and DDA compliancy. To avoid trip hazards and for safe wheelchair access, you are required by law to have a very shallow slope, therefore the higher the floor, the longer the ramp and the more space you lose off your display.
As space on the display is always critical, we have made our floor as low as possible for cable management and have several types of ramped edging strips that clip directly to your Cableflor:
  • black or silver PVC strips, one metre long, corner sections are mitred
  • opal Polypropylene strips, as above but supplied with LED rope light for illuminated edging
  • rubber edging in black, silver or custom colours, rolls up for easy transport of continuous lengths up to 10 metres
  • moulded rubber corners with soft radius
  • continuous LED light (no dots) option for the rubber edging

Floor finishes

Your Cableflor can be in a smooth or studded finish:

  • Studded flooring keeps footfall off the high gloss base, which gives nice reflections off display lights. It’s chamfered edges also allow the floor to be rolled up in 3m x 1m lengths.
  • Smooth flooring is matt with a light texture to prevent slipping. We can print direct to this version, mould it in a frosted material or cover it with a wood or stone overlay.
  • Custom finish is available if you want a large stock that is unique to you – make the stud in the shape of your symbol, add your logo or create your own surface. POA
Studded exhibition flooring

Cableflor colours

In terms of colour, we have stock colours of black (made from recycled material), blue-grey and grey blend which can ship quickly. We can also match to a Pantone Colour Reference to mould your own unique floor (MOQ 40sqm).
If you prefer a wood or stone finish we are also a Karndean Dealer and recommend Loose Lay tiles which don’t require any glue for fixing, which make them ideal for re-use. They are 4mm thick and sit on top of the smooth black  Cableflor – they also fit under our edging strip and come with a 10 year guarantee.

Exhibition and Retail Cable Management Flooring

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